An Update

Howdy y’all!  Not too much new things happening.  I got to go hiking on Sunday with five other trainees.  We didn’t go very far, but it was a lot of fun.  We could pretty much just walk in any direction we wanted to because there are no city streets or private property to avoid.  It was a lot of fun.  I truly enoy spending time with all of the people I’ve met here so far.

We had our first interview with the head of the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) programming office, Баяр (Bayar) on Thursday.   He asked us questions pertaining to our professional background, what we may like to do for a community development project, and if we had any preferences to where we would like to be placed after training is over.

There is a current M20 volunteer stationed at our training site.  He has been a good source of information.   He is, also, extending for another year, I think.  Which could possibly be a good sign for things to come?

Today is our first Micro-Teaching session.  Meghan, Koty, and I get to teach some students English, here, in Mongolia, for the first time.  We’ll see how that goes.

I still have yet to do my laundry.  That will be tackled this weekend.  I can’t remember the last time, if I ever, have washed things by hand.  How hard could it be?

This Sunday is Chris’ (another trainee here at my site) birthday.  I hope we’ll be able to do something special for him since it will be his first birthday here in Mongolia!  Woo!

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More Mongolia

My host family is absolutely amazing! My host sister has been very helpful. She even let me help prepare dinner and wash dishes. It’s been a lot of fun. My family has been too generous. They have basically given me half of their house to live in. The food is amazing and I have not had any bad side effects yet (fingers crossed). Haha. The language classes are getting harder but my host family is really helpful and encouraging with my studies. Mongolia is starting to feel more and more like home every day. I wake up and can look out my window and see the sky lightening behind several mountains and actually get to breathe fresh air. I am taken aback each morning because Mongolia seems to grow in beauty with each second!

I finally gave my host family their gifts, a keychain and a shot glass. The shot glass was a big hit which was a relief. My family keeps showing them off to all of the visitors that come by. Also, I had a chance to show my Mongolian family pictures of my American family. They taught me a card game today, and I’ve just now got the hang of it, but I feel like that brought us somewhat closer together.

I had round 2 of rabies shots and a typhoid shot on Saturday. One more to go then I am done with shots (I think) barring any accidents or other ailments that might require a needle. It was nice getting back to the training site and seeing everyone. I love my host family very much, but I also love seeing all of the friends that have been spread out to different sites.

We found this extremely nice bath house at our site. It makes me very excited because maybe I won’t have to use my tumpun as often. For those of you who don’t know, a tumpun is a bucket that I get to bathe myself and wash my clothes in. It’s pretty awesome! At the bath house you get your own room with a bench to place your bags and hooks to hang up your clothes. Also, they have warm water! AND they clean up after every person. However, that being said, I still had to wash my hair in my tumpun. My sister and cousin helped me figure out how that was done.

Language classes are still very hard but getting easier. I cannot wait until I can communicate with my host family! Below are some pictures of Mongolia.

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Host Family Today

Today we get to meet our host families that we will be living with for the next 11 weeks!  I am so excited and nervous!  It will be great for sure!  More to come later this week! 🙂

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Hello from Mongolia!

Howdy!  I am here in Mongolia with the Peace Corps.  I started this journey about 5 days ago and would like to share all these wonders with you.  This country is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  Everyone is so friendly too!  I cannot wait to post some pictures in later blogs so that you may experience all of these things with me and keep updated on everything going on over here.

Lately we have been in one of the major cities in Mongolia learning the language and cultural differences.  The classes have been difficult and fun at the same time.  I cannot wait to meet my host family tomorrow and become more integrated here.  In addition to, we have been having many safety and medical talks and got a huge medical container filled with all kinds of neat pills, gauze, and other health things.

It is kind of hard being away from family and friends, but I hope they can all come visit me sometime because Mongolia is just wonderful and I feel so lucky to be here! 🙂

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