A Daily Existence

So,  I was told to write another blog preferably about m daily life.  This is a good idea, however, my day to day schedule is so different, but I will do my best.

I wake up around 0830 to start getting ready for work.  I start a fire some mornings because my room is cold from the below freezing temperatures the night before and it is very difficult to find the motivation to change clothes in a cold environment.  Next, I make my coffee while waiting for my ger to warm up a little bit.  I then brush my teeth and hair and begin to apply my makeup.  In the middle of my concealer application I will realize my music is not playing and promptly turn on iTunes to give my ger some personality.  While deciding which clothes to wear I will munch on some bread-type pastry things that will serve as my breakfast for the day.  Finally, I will come to a decision and quickly move from one outfit to the next.  Now that I am dressed, I start storing anything I don’t want my new kitten to destroy inside my sleeping bag, and various drawers and cabinets.  Being fully satisfied that everything is hidden, I start walking the 15 minute journey to my school.  As I’m walking I will pull out my iPod to give my walk some flavor.  When I try to press play, though, I will see that I am out of battery again and left the spare battery pack at home.  No matter, I carry on and enjoy the scenery around me as I continue my walk.  I get to school and go up the stairs to the “teachers’” which is really the Internet-less Internet room.  I sit in there with the other teachers, talking, planning, or reading.  The time will come for me to go teach a 40 minute class and I go.  Usually helping the students with their pronunciation and listening skills.  After class, I find a place to have a lunch, whether it’s at my home or with another volunteer at a restaurant somewhere.  Then, I return to school around 1500 to help the students with preparations for the all-important English Olympics where many schools come together for their students to compete to be the best at English, generally speaking.  Finally around 1600 or 1700 I head home for the day.  I start the walk back about to pull out my iPod again, then remembering that I have no battery.  I stroll along until I reach the door to my ger.  Deep breath.  I open the door half-expecting everything to be completely ravaged by the “guard kitten”.  Luckily, everything appears fine so I scoop the little monster up to keep it from running outside and being devoured y street dogs.  Immediately, I change back into my warm flannel pajamas and sweats.  Feeling relieved that the day is done, I start doing dishes in order for me to make some dinner.  Dinner is done so I retrieve my Kindle from the depths of my purse and read another chapter in the book I am currently on.  If I am still too awake to sleep, I will take out my cross-stitching and maybe finish a thread or two.  Eventually, I fall asleep and start the routine over again until the weekend comes.

Let’s say the weekend is here.  I sleep for as long as I possibly can, which isn’t very long because my khaasha family are early birds that like to do construction.  I wake up and start cleaning my ger because I was too lazy to do it during the week.  I start with the dishes and wash them until my hands are pruned and freezing.  Sometimes simultaneously, I will start my laundry.  I don’t dread this portion as much anymore because I acquired a washing machine from some previous volunteers.  As each load finishes its spin cycle I hang up the clothes along the wooden rungs in my ger to dry.  Then it’s time to reorganize and sweep.  When that’s all done, I take my trash and dirty laundry water over to the main trash receptacle and outhouse respectively.  I come back inside and find that I have just enough water left to bathe in my luxurious tumpin.  I get some hot water and mix it with some cool water because there is no such thing as warm water and spend some time splashing water everywhere but inside my tumpin and, somehow in the process, become clean.  Fully clothed again, I check my water container.  It’s empty again.  I strap it to my khaasha family’s cart and wheel it about 5 to 10 minutes away to the well and fill it up.  Struggling to keep it upright on the way back, I finally arrive home and heave the now full and extremely heavy container into my ger.  I shut the door and look around fully satisfied with the cleanliness of my ger.  I sit down and figure out what to do next.


About bellahmongolia

This blog does not represent any views of the US government or the Peace Corps. These are my opinions and stories and mine alone.
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3 Responses to A Daily Existence

  1. Shelby says:

    Woohoo! Living in a life of luxury hehe

  2. Steve Bellah says:

    Thank you, Jillian. Well done. Dad

  3. Mom says:

    I felt like I was there with you as I was reading your blog! What wonderful description of your life and activity of a day in your life there. We look forward to hearing more especially as your house kitten becomes house cat!

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