New School Year

The first couple of days of school have been awesome!  However, I still do not have a schedule of the classes I’m supposed to teach.  My counterpart, and newest friend, told me that I may have it this week.  🙂  It is really exciting.

During the opening ceremony, on the first day, September 1, I had to give a speech in Mongolian in front of all the teachers, staff, and students.  It was so nerve wracking.  Come to find out that, this year, our school has 2026 students.  After classes all of the teachers went to go have dinner at this awesome Chinese restaurant.  They all said I spoke Mongolian very well, even though I was reading it off a note card.

I really like the school I am teaching at.  The teachers are so friendly and the children are (for the most part) very well behaved.  It made me nostalgic for my secondary school days.  ::sigh::  Also, it makes me want to substitute teach in my old school district and high school.  We’ll see if that happens after 21 more months though.

The structure of the school is much more different than that of the U.S.  The school day is divided in half.  Half the students come during the first half and the second during the second half of the day.  Also, the teachers change classrooms during the breaks and not the students!  It’s a very nice school though and I feel so lucky and happy to be teaching at the 12 Year Secondary School #1 in the fantastic city of Ondorkhaan.


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This blog does not represent any views of the US government or the Peace Corps. These are my opinions and stories and mine alone.
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One Response to New School Year

  1. Steve Bellah says:

    Jillian, I am sure your speach was great! Wow – 2,026 students!! What an experience and one that will translate nicely into future opportunities. I would like to share your blogs with the schools here if that is ok. I think this is a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience a different culture through your Peace Corp service.

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