Almost There!

Last Sunday, 31 July, my host mother took me to Darkhan, and bought me a Mongolian del.  It is very beautiful.  It is a bright light blue and she bought me a leather belt with turquoise stones on it.  I can’t wait to wear it for swearing in.  I will post a picture of it as soon as I can.

Last week, we, also, started practice teaching.  I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I actually like teaching.  Hopefully, my new outlook on teaching will carry with me to my permanent site.  I cannot wait to meet the counterparts that I will be working with for the next two years.  Team teaching has been so much fun!   Hopefully, I will get to do a lot of it at site.

Training is almost at an end. A little over one week left.  The time is starting to pass by more slowly.  I think it is because anticipation is mounting for the announcements of our permanent site placements.  Hopefully, by the end of the day on Monday, 15 August, I should know where I will be living for the next 2 years of my life.  This Sunday, 7 August, 11 of us will be travelling to a monastery nearby, Amarbysalant (I have no clue how to spell it, sorry, :/).  I’m very excited for it.  It should be a lot of fun.  I think a couple of other training sites will be joining us out there as well.

So, here is a breakdown for my schedule for the upcoming big events for my life:

14 or 15 August:  I leave for final centre days

15 August:  I find out where I will be living for the next two years and can then purchase Internet accordingly (Site Announcements)

16-18 August :  Run around like a crazy person because I will be so excited and meet my new supervisor

19 August:  I become an official Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV); I will no longer be a Peace Corps Trainee (PCT) (Swearing In)

20 August:  I leave for my new home with my supervisor

So much is about to happen!  I can hardly wait.

Side note:  On 24 July, my younger sister became engaged to her awesome boyfriend (now fiancé)!  I am so stoked for them and sad I couldn’t be there, but I know they have to be happy which is terrific!  Celebrating this great event is another thing I get to look forward to when I return to the states in August of 2013.


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4 Responses to Almost There!

  1. Shelby says:

    All that sounds so exciting! I can’t wait to hear where you are going, and to see pictures! I also want to see pictures of you getting sworn in! You are so cool for doing this, Jillian. And thanks 🙂 Austin and I are very happy, wish you could be here! But I can’t believe you helped him plan-the two worst secret keepers successfully kept the biggest surprise ever under wraps. Haha crazy. Well, I miss you! Good luck with all the upcoming events 🙂

    Oh, btw-what does a del look like?

  2. Steve Bellah says:

    Jillian, this is so cool. We are very proud of you! Dad

  3. Jan Bellah says:

    Jillian, wish we could be there for your ceremony. How exciting! You have already accomplished so much and you are just at the beginning of your journey. We are so very proud of you!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your assignment as a PCT!!
    Love, Mom

  4. Jan Bellah says:

    Oops – I meant we look forward to hearing all about your assignment as a PCV!!!

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