Half-Way Through

Hey everyone!  We’re about half way through PST which means Mid-Center Days are coming up for all of us M22s!  I’m super stoked about it.  I will try to be on Skype a few times since there may be a couple of places I may be able to link up.  I will be there on Monday, Tuesday, and most of the day on Wednesday, but I have no idea what my schedule will be like yet.

More news though on how I’ve been adjusting.  I’m running out of money quicker than I would like; however, I have managed to make it last the duration it’s supposed to, but it will be kind of tight over this last week.

I miss all of y’all and hope to give you a more detailed update sometime soon.


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This blog does not represent any views of the US government or the Peace Corps. These are my opinions and stories and mine alone.
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One Response to Half-Way Through

  1. Steve Bellah says:

    Great news! Hard to believe you are already halfway through PST. We always wait with anticipation to see what you will write on your blog and to see any pictures you have taken. I know it will be fun to get together with your M22 group. Can’t wait to talk with you on Skype!!
    Let us know when you are available!
    Love, Mom

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