News Flash!

The Micro Teaching on Friday went okay…I guess. Haha. I have a lot of work to do. We get to do a lesson on reading, today. Hopefully, I will be able to fill up my entire 20 minutes this time. Haha. We had our third Micro Teaching today. I was way under on my time again and need to find a way to come up with more complicated activities. Haha

Also, today, Meghan and I get to start our community development project. I hope it goes well, I have no experience with these sort of things.

I finally did my first round of tumpun laundry. It wasn’t that bad. I think I got everything clean, but I used too much soap, I think. That could make for some uncomfortable clothing until I am able to wear them in again. :/ Oh well. Haha. As long as they’re clean and don’t smell so bad anymore, then I am happy, haha.

Round 3 of shots are coming up next Sunday, 3 July. It will be fun and awesome to see everyone from the different sites again! I’m a little nervous about it though because our town’s celebration of Nadaam is that same weekend and some of my site mates want to return early, but I really want to lounge around the big city for a while. Oh well, we can’t always get what we want. Haha. I am excited for my first Nadaam. On Saturday, they are having the big horse races. Then, on Sunday, they will have the archery, wrestling, and a show later that evening with the traditional dances and such. So exciting!!

A bit of trivia: I have started taking Mongolian dance classes and learning traditional Mongolian dance. It is a lot of fun. It is definitely the highlight of most of my days! ^_^


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3 Responses to News Flash!

  1. Shelby says:

    Everything sounds so fun!!! Except for the laundry part, maybe. Haha

  2. mary minshew says:

    wow what a neat place.what language do they speak? is it a russian dialect? have you thought about taking the trans-siberian train. i would if i were there. i think you catch it in vladivostek (most likely mispelled)(i probley mispelled that to.) and it goes up to st. petersburg. you sound adventurous. whats interesting is when you submerge yourself in a different culture you end up learning more about your own culture. well anyways good luck and have fun!!

    • They speak Mongolian. To me it seemed to have dropped out of nowhere. Haha. I have thought about it but I wouldn’t know where to catch it. I hope you are well. How are things in the states? One of the girls here at my training site is from Binghampton, New York. Is that anywhere near you?

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